Secure Web Hosting

Make your data secure with Secure web hosting from Titan Internet.

secure web hosting

An easy add-on to existing accounts.

  • Users trust Secure sites more than non-secure sites
  • Your brand is important – so show it by using security
  • Web browsers are starting to alert users to non-secure sites
  • Search engines will start to prefer secure (HTTPS) websites
  • Apply Secure Hosting – with One Click
Enabling secure web hosting

How to enable Secure Hosting

Once you have a package with Secure Hosting enabled – you turn it on by clicking one button in your Titan Internet control panel.

If you already have an Titan Internet hosting account, you can easily add Secure web hosting in the Titan Internet Control Panel.

Secure hosting available on all Titan Internet hosting packages

Packages with Secure Hosting

All current advertised Titan Internet Web Hosting packages can have Secure Hosting applied to them. It’s an add-on service you select at time of purchase.