Secure Domain Forwarding

Ensure visitors can access your site with Secure Domain Forwarding.

How To Enable Secure Domain Forwarding

Once you have the “Secure Domain Forwarding (SSL)” package you can enable it by clicking one button in the Titan Internet control panel.

You can then force customers hitting to redirect to

An easy addon to existing domain names.

  • Users trust secure sites more than non-secure sites
  • Your brand is important – so show it using security
  • Web browsers alert customers to non-secure sites
  • Search engines prefer (https) websites
  • Apply secure domain forwarding with one click

Secure Domain Forwarding (SSL)

All domains names that have domain forwarding configured should have a Secure Domain Forwarding (SSL) package to ensure visitors can access your site securely.

HTTPS is being used for communication over Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) with an ‘S’ in the end that stands for ‘Secure.’ Adopting HTTPS, you provide your users with three key layers of protection.

  • Authentication
  • Encryption
  • Data Integrity