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Our Promises to You

Our customers know that we have their interests at heart and that we’ll strive to deliver the best; the best levels of service, the best levels of performance, and the best ways of doing business. We have three broad promises that we want to fulfil in order to continue to achieve this.

  • Quality as standard
  • Keep things simple
  • Be honest with what we offer

If you’ve read about us, you’ll know we believe in values. Choosing a hosting provider isn’t just about price, but getting real value for money.

You get what you pay for.

We deliver the highest quality possible using the latest and best technology available whilst still offering an affordable service.

Don’t be fooled by ticks on comparison charts - it’s never that simple!

If all the offers were true, you’d be able to build your own professional e-commerce site with blog, advertising, search engine optimisation, unlimited bandwidth and disk space, your own personal account manager and support team for a mere £3.99 a month!

Your money pays for the infrastructure and staff that you use and isn’t wasted on corporate marketing and overheads – you really won’t find better for less.

We promise we won’t over complicate things.

Business is easy: You want a solution, We will provide it.

‘Fair use policies’, small print in hidden terms and conditions, complicated SLAs and ‘response times’ aren’t what we do. We don’t categorise ‘emergency’ tickets or have varying levels of support *.

Pay for a service, and get what you pay for.

Our Guides and Terms are easily found, all in one place. If you have a question, we’ll give you the answer – just get in touch

*There is no hidden clause. Refreshing, isn’t it?

We promise not to sell you something you don’t need.

There’s a lot of marketing spiel out there that really frustrates us, as it makes things confusing for customers trying to find out what matters most – the service they’re going to receive.

24/7 support : The internet doesn’t turn off at 5pm or promise not to break overnight. All support is “24/7”. It’s the quality of the support that matters. We build reliable solutions, and if something goes wrong then we’re the ones that fix it – we don’t have third parties to rely on.

Managed Services : Other companies offer ‘fully managed services’ at an extra cost. Our standard service includes more than ‘premium support packages’ from other hosts:

  • We monitor all our services as standard – and more than just 'ping'!
  • All servers on our network have hardware firewalls.
  • We don’t throttle bandwidth usage or limit uploads or downloads.

Unlimited - The term “unlimited” gets put in front of various things – mainly bandwidth and disk space. If you see this, watch out for ‘fair usage policies’ that apply. It’s not as unlimited as it seems.

If we say it’s unlimited, then it is. If it’s not, we give you what you need and charge a fair, competitive price for what you use.

More importantly, we don’t penalise customers for going over their allowance – we’ll get in touch and have a discussion before increasing allowances or upgrading packages.

Jargon - We’ve been offering 'cloud solutions', 'services on demand', 'software as a service' and other buzz-phrases for years. The terms are new, but the services are the same.

Technical jargon won’t get thrown around to sell you a service you don’t need or won’t use. It’s not in our interest to provide you something you don’t want.