Type in Motion is a design agency based in Leeds. We have been designing bespoke web solutions for clients for over 10 years and our focus has always been on ensuring we can deliver these solutions on a secure and robust hosting platform. We have always maintained a flexible approach to hosting, fitting in with our clients requirements or existing hosting platform.

They are quick, robust, stable and economical for large or small web solutions. Most importantly they are backed-up by a team of knowledgeable specialists who are always responsive and ready to help.

We have recently taken the view that a virtual dedicated server will fit our future requirements more closely. We have the option to manage the server ourselves and the new flexibility is perfect.

The main reason we have continued to use Titan Internet for so long is the excellent service and
support, we are relative ‘server novices’ and have found the support engineers incredibly helpful in
assisting us with issues and discussing specialist solutions. Telephone support is invaluable, as the
direct contact is both reassuring and productive and any requests raised through the email ticket
system are dealt with very quickly and efficiently.

We would have no hesitation in recommending Titan Internet to anyone looking for hosting
solutions on any platform – and we will continue to do so with our clients.