Limited is a pioneering web email provider. We provide our customers with a fresh and innovative way to communicate via a new type of email address called a Connection Point, which can be remotely controlled from any email account. Titan provides us with a custom-built, dedicated hosting solution to power our business.

Having been introduced to Titan by a digital agency we were working with a few years ago we have
never looked back. Over at our company is very experimental with technology and
at our core is a desire to innovate and try new things – Titan have wholeheartedly supported this by
offering invaluable advice on how to underpin our ideas with robust infrastructure and service
management, enthusiastically participating in the end-to-end solution.

As other customers will attest to, Titan’s rapid response service is second to none, offering a friendly
yet professional approach that frequently goes beyond what is necessary. As an example, we
recently needed to upgrade our server farm to cope with growing demand and Titan proactively
stepped up the support in order to help us through a challenging migration.

If you want to go to a hosting company that will patiently sit down with you to discuss what you
want to achieve – instead of telling you “it’s not possible” – then Titan could be for you.