At kreature design, we have a strong belief in the power of the Internet, not only as a marketing and communication tool, but also as a reference guide, meeting place, and a way to improve your business and personal life. Our philosophy is one of simplicity and honesty.

We have been with Titan for nearly 10 years and all of our hosting accounts and domain name purchases are made through them. We have always had an excellent, personal service from Titan which is not something you can say about many hosting companies out there.

The support team answer any queries we have very quickly, and can often relied upon to not only help out with a specific query, but also to offer advice away form the normal hosting and domain questions. If they can’t do something, they will generally give us the information help us achieve our goals.

They are also flexible in terms of the technical services they provide. Where some hosts will cut off your account and leave you stranded for things like bandwidth usage or disk space quota, Titan always allow the sites to run without issue with any problems being dealt with away from the main website. Their backup and recovery service is also essential when you run hundreds of websites for companies across the globe.

We always recommend Titan to anyone looking for domain names or hosting, from small businesses up to the larger corporations we deal with.