Iris Optical was initially an online-only eyewear retailer but now also with a growing number of high street stores. The web-based order management system we built almost 11 years ago for our first website is the cornerstone of our business: if it goes down, not only can we not be found by new or old customers, but neither can we process orders in our stores. No Website, no business.

I cannot over-emphasize Titan’s importance to a small business like ours: knowing that, IT-speaking, our back is covered by a bunch of very friendly, knowledgeable and helpful guys is key to our business. If there is a problem with our server it gets fixed – quickly.

Our previous hosting company was perhaps as capable but nowhere near as pleasant to deal with and I never KNEW that a problem would be sorted fast. Titan’s response time is excellent: I was a little sceptical about email support at first, assuming a telephone call to be quicker and more reliable, but found emails to be replied to promptly and fully and with none of the thinly-veiled condescension sometimes dished out be IT pros to the layman.

They are also very well priced – I did my homework before moving to them – particularly considering the speed and quality of support and virtually non-existent downtime. If you panic and phone up with a problem, someone actually picks the phone up and, in a genuinely English accent, quickly deals with it.

Also, after lamenting (to Titan) that there was no hosting package in between a shared and dedicated server, I was delighted when they introduced one – i.e. they listened to what I (and presumably other) needed and then provided it.

All in all I couldn’t recommend any company more.