Firebrand Training provides you with the fastest route to professional certification. Guaranteed. Offering best-of-breed courses accredited by all of the big names in the industry.

Firebrand Training is a global provider of Accelerated Learning. We use Titan Internet to host our entire
catalogue of websites (which includes domains across Europe, Middle East and Asia) as well as our

Communication with our customers is essential, and Titan Internet is helping us move towards our goal
of becoming a £100m business.

Although Firebrand is headquartered in the UK, we have offices and training centres around the world.
It is imperative that we are always available to our global customers, and seamlessly operating
whatever the time zone.

Thanks to Titan Internet’s 100% uptime, we rarely need assistance. However, when support is
required, it is handled quickly, politely and professionally. Not only does Titan offer fantastic value for
money, but our high expectations are continually exceeded.

As someone who has worked with and compared many large hosting organisations, I recommend Titan
Internet to anyone requiring a hosting solution. If not for the quality of the product and value for
money, it’s for the customer support.