SSL Web Server EV Certificate

OpenSRS's Web Server Certificate with offers corporations and government entities the highest industry standard for identity authentication as well as 256, 128, 56 or 40-bit encryption. The level of encryption delivered depends on your client's browser capability and the cipher suite installed on your web server.

End users with the latest high-security web browsers will see a highly visible green address bar verifying the authenticity of your web site if you secure your web site with an Extended Validation SSL Certificate. This is the only level of authentication that enables Internet Explorer 7+ to display the trusted green address bar and a scrolling security status bar identifying both the name of the web site and the Certificate Authority for the web site.

SSL Web Server Certificates with EV help assure your customers that you have an authenticated, trustworthy site and that information is encrypted while in transit between your web server and their web browsers.

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Certificate Features and Benefits
Authentication: Meets the rigorous CA/Browser Forum Extended Validation SSL Certificate standard for validating legitimate organizations and authenticating their web sites.
Encryption: Up to 256-bit encryption where both client and server are capable of encrypting at this level
Browser Compatibility: Highest in industry
Green address bar will display in Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 and expected in upcoming releases of other popular browsers
Certificate Details: Domain and identity authentication and verification
Root CA: Yes
Free Reissues: Yes - unlimited for the lifespan of the certificate
Technical Support: Free, 24/5 multi-lingual for all global time zones
SGC Technology: No
CRL: Yes - Certificate Revocation List fully supported.
Online Certificate Status Protocol: Yes

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