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Website SSL Certificates

Show Web site visitors that you're serious about security by encrypting traffic between them and your website and displaying the seal of trust.

Securing transmission of financial information in ecommerce is currently the major application of SSL certificates. However, with incidents of identity theft on the rise, protection of personally identifiable information is becoming ever more important.

Website Certificates

SSL 123 Certificate

This certificate would typically be used for back-office systems where encryption is required without full validation of your Company details.
Prices from £80

SSL Webserver Certificate

This certificate is the most common; typically they are used to secure small to medium ecommerce websites.
Prices from £120

SSL Webserver EV Certificate

SSL Web Server Certificates with EV help assure your customers that you have an authenticated, trustworthy site and that information is encrypted while in transit between your web server and their web browsers.
Prices from £500

SSL Wildcard Certificate

This certificate is essentially an SSL Webserver Certificate, and is cost-effective if you wish to secure multiple sites under the same domain name.
Prices from £400