SSL Code Signing Certificate

Code Signing Certificates are strongly recommended for any publisher who plans to distribute code or content over the Internet or corporate extranets and needs to assure the integrity and authorship of that code.

This certificate is used to digitally sign software. Recommended for anyone distributing code over the Internet.

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Certificate Features and Benefits
  • Allows you to sign active content such as ActiveX, Macros, MIDlet(J2ME) and Java Applets for secure electronic distribution over the Internet. This authenticated digital signature effectively verifies the source of your software before it is downloaded
  • Ensures that your active content or code cannot be maliciously modified
  • Gives your users recourse to the person who published it
  • Promotes the Internet as a secure and viable platform for content distribution
  • Has the benefit of OpenSRS's world-class certification procedures
  • Inspires user confidence
  • CRL: Yes, Certificate Revocation List fully supported

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