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Shared SSL

For those who don't need a private SSL certificate we are able to offer some shared webspace under a generic URL.

This space is separate from your main hosting content directories although we can usually provide direct access under your normal FTP login as a virtual path.

You need to be aware that end users will be taken away from your website URL when the secure space is used. Eg:

  • End User is browsing
  • End User clicks on a link which takes them to a secure page.
  • End User will be taken to

When they are finished with the secure area they can be taken back to your main website.

Whilst our shared SSL Certificates do offer the standard levels of encryption and trust, we recommend that customers use private SSL certificates for any public facing websites as having an SSL certificate with your own domain name lends more credibility to the website and appears more professional. Shared SSL is typically used for intranet applications or during development.

Shared SSL is provided free of charge on our Business and Enterprise Hosting packages, and can be added to our Starter or Professional packages for £50 per year.