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Reseller Hosting - No Hassle Hosting for your Customers

Most of our resellers are web designers who need reliable and affordable business hosting. We don't play at being web designers and we don't expect you to be a web hoster - let us each do what we are best at. We host thousands of websites on our servers on behalf of resellers and have proven to be the best partner a designer can have.

We offer two reselling schemes which can be used in conjunction with each other.

For every site that you host with us you take out an individual hosting package at a discounted rate, each with its own diskspace, bandwidth and features. The more sites you have with us, the bigger the discount.

  • 5+ packages : 10%
  • 10+ packages : 20%
  • 15+ packages : 30%
  • 20+ packages : 40%

Remember - each package has its own allocation of space, bandwidth and features including fully independent statistics and reporting that can be passed onto the end-users showing only their website details.

The discount scheme is aimed at resellers who produce a large number of websites for their clients. You are free to pass on discounts to your end customers or charge the list price - we will not discuss the hosting with anyone but yourselves.

Discounts are calculated automatically by our website when ordering new hosting packages.

Our Enterprise class hosting packages (available for Windows, Linux and ColdFusion) have the option to create additional websites and databases that are allocated space and bandwidth from a shared resource pool.

Any time you need an additional website or database you just pay a one-off setup fee. Each additional website is not just a bolt-on to your primary site like you get with some other hosts, its a true standalone website in its own right with its own webserver config, FTP account, web logs and statistics.

This type of reseller account is particularly useful for sites which require complex hosting but don’t necessarily need a large amount of disk space or bandwidth.

Why no "unlimited" packages?

We don't offer "unlimited" packages because no-one really does. If anyone thinks that they can pay £50 a month and end up with countless physical servers hosting their websites they are mistaken. More

Why no "DIY Control Panels"?

We don't expect to charge customers for our hosting services and then make them set up sites themselves. Leave it to the professionals.

Why no "free software"?

We set out to host professionally designed websites to ensure smooth operation of our production servers. Our resellers don't want marketing freebies that arent needed.